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The Basics of Using Twitter to Find a Source

Journalists who successfully use Twitter to find sources know that doing a quick Twitter search or sending out a tweet into the ether doesn’t always lead to great results.  But if you use good tactics, Twitter can be a valuable research tool.

Here’s how to make your source finding efforts on Twitter more efficient and effective.

Don’t Just Tweet It, Amplify It

  • Don’t just tweet out your source needs once. Most of your followers aren’t going to see a single tweet.  It’s a fine line, but try to tweet several times without crossing into annoying territory (you don’t want to get muted).
  • Try multiple hashtags for different tweets, to broaden your visibility across multiple channels.
  • If you have a strong following, ask your followers to retweet it. Ask other people who have a relevant audience or network to tweet it as well.  Think about other friendly journalists, past sources, industry contacts and friends. Just make sure to return the favor for them later.
  • Enlist the help of Source Sleuth, URGharo, or similar twitter accounts that tweet out journalist requests and have a good following.

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Fake Chef Pranks Local News

“Chef Keith”, aka as Nick Prueher appeared on a Milwaukee morning show to promote his book, “Leftovers Right.”  The only problem is that Chef Keith is actually a comedian and his appearance was actually a prank to promote The Found Footage Festival.

“Chef Keith” did an interview with Vice that explains how it happened.

It’s a funny reminder to always vet your sources.