Our Guest Post on The Write Now Coach

Rochelle Melander was nice enough to invite us to guest post on The Write Now Coach.  We outline some of the basics of our business and answer some of the common questions people have about our service.

Here is a decent summary of how our service works:

First, writers can choose to make their queries private. When they do this, we don’t email out the query or announce it on social media. Writers don’t have to worry about being scooped or using a publication’s name.

Second, we find sources in a unique way. We search through a very large proprietary database that we have created. Our database is different because sources don’t have to know about us to be included in the database. Much like how Google finds and includes websites in their search engine, we find and include source profiles in our database. Because of this, we don’t have many PR professionals in our database. (Full disclosure: some people do pay to be included in our database, but they comprise less than 1% of our sources. This is how we are able to provide Source Sleuth as a free service to writers.)

Even though our database is expansive, we don’t have every single expert or source on the planet in there. When we don’t have a good source, we’ll track one down the good old-fashioned way—by using our brains, and doing the research and other legwork involved in finding a quality source. Because finding sources is all we do, we’ve gotten pretty good at tracking down and connecting reporters with high quality sources. We take our job pretty seriously, and we’ll usually research and connect a source with a writer within 48 hours.

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